Vino di Anna Olio di Montagna XIX

Vibrant green, golden in colour, this extra virgin olive oil is herbaceous and spicy with hints of green tomato and artichoke.

Organically grown olives were hand harvested during the first three weeks of November 2019 to make this extra virgin olive oil. The 100+ year old trees are situated high on the north face of Mt Etna, Sicily where the volcanic soils and mountain air make for ideal growing conditions. The olive groves are planted with numerous varieties; Nocellara dell’Etna, San Benedetto and Randazzese.  Upon hand harvest, the olives were immediately cold pressed at a local frantoio to produce a golden green, fragrant and spicy extra virgin olive oil. The oil was bottled without filtration.

Total production – 1000 bottles

Vino di Anna Olio di Montagna
“Made by the lovely Anna Martens and Eric Narioo, who produce some of my favorite wines on Mount Etna in Sicily. It’s full-bodied and rounded, Good for finishing salads and grilled meats and fish.”

Ben Sukle
Bon Appetit Magazine


In 2018, a decision was made to obtain several families of bees to help with pollination and promoting bio-diversity in our vineyards and surrounds. Our research led us to Carlo Amodeo, a passionate and fanatical beekeeper situated near Palermo. Carlo, is responsible for preventing the native Sicilian black bee from becoming extinct in the 70s and 80s.

Today, we have five families of black Sicilian bees, which Tonino and Valerio lovingly care for, aided with the assistance of a local beekeeper, Giuseppe Lazzaro. Our bees are housed in our garden at the winery, and also in Vigna Pirao, at 1100 metres of altitude. Both locations are full of trees; birch, beech, chestnut, olive, eucalyptus and pine, fruit trees such as pears, apples, cherries and peaches and are covered in broom and wildflowers during Spring/early Summer.

We usually harvest two honeys a year. The first being a million-flower honey, which is harvested in- late Spring. It is light amber in colour, delicate and floral. The second honey is made in mid- Summer from the flowering of the Chestnut trees. It is darker, richer and more intense in flavour.